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The Advantages of Using a Key Card Access System for Your Business

Tired of dealing with tons of keys for you and your employees? As a business owner, you need your time and energy to be spent on more important things. If you relate, it may be time to upgrade to a Key Card Access System for your business. Here’s why:


Manual locks aren’t exactly the most secure option. For one, it’s really easy to make copies of a manual key. It’s also fairly simple for a manual lock to be picked. And, if you decide to part ways with an employee, you’re typically left to either get the key back or change all of your locks and redistribute new keys.

With a Key Card Access System, it’s really hard for a key card or fob to be copied. It’s also impossible to pick the lock, because there is no physical lock to break into. But the best thing about the Key Card Access System when it comes to security is the ability to access data. You’ll know who entered your facility and when. You also can set limits on who has access to what. 

Easy to Customize

Speaking of accessing data, with a Key Card Access System, it’s never been easier to cater your system to your exact needs. Need certain staff on a different schedule? Don’t want some people to come and go after certain hours? Maybe you need certain employees to have more access to different rooms than others? It can all be done with just a few clicks!

The other great things about Key Card Access Systems is that it’s extremely quick and easy to set up a new card if you have a new employee or someone loses their existing card. It’s completely customizable to your needs and schedule. 

Remote Access

If you’re at home or on a business trip and need to change access levels or even lockdown your entire building, you can do that from wherever you are! Or maybe you’re working on a time tracking report for payroll, you can access that data at all times. This means you can be infinitely more efficient and never have to worry about being unable to handle your system from wherever you are in the world. 

Interested in a Key Card Access System for Your Business?

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